• January Main-Biz certified
  • March PAV Ground Test Bench installation
  • May PAV & CAV Convergence Research Center co-founded Yonsei University
  • Jun Sign an agreement to create a support center for demonstration of Incheon PAV
    Selection of promising small and medium-sized enterprises in Incheon 2020
  • November Incheon PAV Consortium Consultative Meeting and Selection of Representatives
    2020 Korea Safety Technology Competition Minister Award Winner of Public Administration and Security
    Korea Federation of Information Industry Associations won the New SW Product Award
  • December 2020 Korea Inventions Patent Awards


  • March Signed an agreement for ‘Industry-Academy-Research Consortium to Nurture the PAV Industry’ with Incheon Metropolitan City
  • April Designated as a venture company by the Korea Procurement Office
  • May Signed an AI R&D Grand Challenge Agreement 2019
    MOU for strategic partnership with Preneu Co., Ltd.
  • July MOU for strategic partnership with Kocom Co., Ltd.
  • December 2019 Korea Technology Industrialization Awards


  • March Smart airport business at Incheon International Airport
  • April Signed EARTH technology transfer contract with ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
    Selected as an institution developing the core technology of ‘manned multicopter autonomous flight drone’ by the National Defense and Science Institute
    Registered as a company-affiliated research institute(headquarters)
  • July Registered as a company-affiliated research institute(Seoul Research Institute)
  • September Acquired the direct production confirmation by the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business


  • March DMS (drone mobile station) production
  • July SOOMVI &SKT ‘LTE drone’ joined business
  • October Won the Excellence Award in the KIDP Good Design
  • December Selected as a promising ICT company by the Ministry of Science and ICT


  • March Registered as a procurement company for the United Nations
  • April Registered as a procurement company for the Korea Procurement Office
  • June Entered an agreement for ‘Fostering Leaders of Incheon’s Aviation Industry’
  • November Selected as a company organizing the growth engine flagship project by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning


  • April Established SOOMVI Co., Ltd.
    V-100, S-200 production
  • October Selected as a first penguin-type startup company
  • December Won the Best Award in the 1st Incheon Startup Competition