CEO’s Greeting

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About SOOMVI – CEO Message

Welcome to the SOOMVI website.

SOOMVI Technology Co., Ltd. We are a company that allows you to breathe. Focusing on our first solution, the 'Marine Life Rescue System',
we are developing an integrated disaster safety management system through the development of technologies such as unmanned multicopters,
unmanned airplanes, unmanned helicopters, ground control systems, and mobile integrated control systems. We are working hard to develop it.

Since the development of Genesis 2.0 FC (flight controller) in 2018, we have been supplying industrial drones equipped with double FC, hypervisor OS,
and AI software, and are developing air taxis or personal drones (PAV: Personal Air Vehicle), the next-generation growth engine of the aviation industry. is taking the lead.

SOOMVI will do its best to develop Korea's manned and unmanned drone industry and contribute to society as a leader in the drone industry by upgrading its business structure and establishing a global cooperation system.

We ask for your continued interest and encouragement.